OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig
OverPower GT pro rig

OverPower GT pro rig

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Pro level performance packed in an aesthetic and highly adjustable GT rig.

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow


The OverPower GT is a result of years of development. The OverPower Frontal Assembly packs adjustability and together with the OverPower Wheel & Pedal Rack Pro the rig brings the Nordic A-game to the world of sim racing. The OverPower GT Base delivers an extremely sturdy and highly adjustable platform to mount a seat of your choice.


The frontal assembly connects the main parts and features together, creating a superior sim racing platform. Between the carefully designed side boards, there is a vertical support component, a 15mm thick HPL board, which acts as a major performance booster for the rig. The component eliminates the majority of horizontal movement of the rig making sure will be able to feel even the smallest FFB sensations from the wheelbase.


The wheel and pedal mount is designed for professional and extremely demanding sim usage. The huge amount of adjustability, plenty of expansion opportunities and a flex free package is a must for sim racers who put value on even the last hundreds of a second. The wheel and pedal plates are manufactured from 10mm thick aluminium with a matt black powder coated finish guaranteeing an extremely sturdy base and beautiful looks for the toughest technology on the market.

The Pro variant is the epitome of professional-grade simulator hardware support. Constructed from a robust combination of steel and aluminium, and equipped with linear guides, this rack is built to withstand the demands of the most intensive sim racing environments. Designed for top-tier hardware like the Simucube 2 Pro/Ultimate, Fanatec DD2, and Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals, the Pro rack ensures that every shift, turn, and pedal press is met with unmatched precision and responsiveness. It’s the ultimate choice for those who accept nothing but the best in their quest for simulation perfection.

OverPower GT BASE

The tilt, height and distance adjustable GT base is simplicity and practicality packed in a seat platform. With the 3060-profiles attached to the side boards you can quickly tilt your seat or fine tune the height. The high quality HPL components used together with aluminium profiles is a future proof and easily modifiable solution.

55,8 kg
172 cm
60 cm
60 cm
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  • Made in Finland
  • OP Frontal Assembly designed for a solid & sturdy sim racing experience
  • OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Pro features premium aluminium parts for extreme performance
  • OP GT Base is compatible for the majority of seats on the market
  • Complete the package with OP accessories
  • Full support for the majority of sim racing peripherals
  • Premium materials
  • 12/15mm High Pressure Laminate
  • 3030/3060/3090 aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Custom 10mm aluminium wheel and pedal plates
  • Four different color variations
  • Compatible also with OP Formula Seat
  • Designed and tested with the most advanced sim racing peripherals on the market
  • Highly adjustable pedal positioning with tilt, height and distance adjustability
  • Tilt, height and distance adjustable steering rack
  • Bulletproof, artisan-grade aesthetics


  • Distance: 37cm (excluding optional seat mounting rails)
  • Angle: 18 degrees
  • Height: 7cm


  • Distance: 22,5cm
  • Angle: 38 degrees
  • Height:11cm


  • Distance: 44,5cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Angle: 50 degrees


  • OP Frontal Assembly
  • OP GT Seat Base
  • OP Wheel & Pedal Rack Pro


  • Logitech G29/G920/G27/G25
  • Logitech Driving Force GT
  • Thrustmaster T500RS
  • Thrustmaster TS-PC
  • Thrustmaster TS-XW
  • Thrustmaster T300
  • Thrustmaster T-GT
  • Thrustmaster T150/T150 Pro
  • Thrustmaster TX
  • Thrustmaster T80
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider
  • Fanatec CSL Elite Series
  • Fanatec ClubSport Series
  • Fanatec Podium Series
  • Simucube 2 Sport/Pro/Ultimate (With optional adapter)
  • MiGE etc. DD wheelbases (With optional adapter)
  • MiGe 130ST (small, big)
  • Bodnar 50 series
  • Lenze MCS12 series
  • AccuForce V1/V2
  • Simagic Wheel Bases


  • RaceGear Lightning
  • Simucube Active pedal
  • Heusinkveld Pro
  • Heusinkveld Sprint
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate
  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals (V1/2/3/3i)
  • Fanatec Elite Pedals (& Load Cell Kit)
  • Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
  • Thrustmaster T3PA
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pro
  • Thrustmaster TX Pedals
  • ThrustmasterT-LCM
  • Logitech G27/G29 pedals
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