We are motorsport fans, we own cheap 'track tools' and in our free time we participate in trackdays and amateur races. Of course, like most other like-minded people, we would like to run professional races, or at least own better 'track tools'. Unsurprisingly, money is the obstacle, so naturally our choice fell to Sim Racing.

At the beginning of this non-pleasant times full of lock downs around the world, we saw a massive increase in interest in Sim Racing and the associated great demand for any Sim Racing hardware (and its unavailability). We also wanted to improve our Sim Racing equipment and found that pedals are limited on the market and quality ones are sold at unaffordable prices for us. That's why we decided to find an alternative and assemble pedals that will qualitatively match the best, but do not ruin our budget. And with this began to write the first chapter of our Sim Racing company RaceGear.

We race mainly on the iRacing platform and with the RaceGear team we participate in the best world races such as 24H SERIES ESPORTS, Sports Car Open or top splits of special events on iRacing. More information can be found on our RaceGear team blog.

As you can see, the production and sale of pedals, this eshop and the entire RaceGear company for us is not only business, but above all passion and entertainment.

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