RACEGEAR & Moza - Authorized reseller

RaceGear expands its offer of sim racing equipment with the Moza brand. It has built a name for itself during its time on the market and has become a very popular choice for both beginners and advanced simracers

Sparco partnership - quality seats for a reasonable price

RaceGear is expanding its range of sim racing equipment with seats from Italian brand Sparco. Since we are official Sparco dealers, you can ask us anything from their range.

RaceGear Lightning pedals review in Carmagazine

Our RaceGear Lightning pedals under the microscope of a professional. The review of our simracing pedals in CarMagazine.

RACEGEAR & SIMUCUBE - Authorized Reseller

We are now an authorized reseller of the Finnish top simracing brand Simucube. Simucube is a technology leader in sim racing, they create long-lasting high quality products, exceed customer expectations and innovate so that racers can have the best gear available.

Rexing - premium carbon steering wheels

Croatian manufacturer Rexing offers unique products, not just another steering wheel for virtual racing. Each Rexing steering wheel is handcrafted from carbon fiber and only from the highest quality components.

OverPower rigs - uncompromising Finnish quality and innovation

You can choose between a GT cockpit with classic seating and a seat of your choice or a rig with a formula seating and integrated seat. Both can be equipped with electric pedal slide. We also offer a children's rig suitable for your child aged 3-10 years.

Black friday deal

RaceGear presents you with Black Friday 2022 deal! Our all products are discounted by 11% from 25.11.2022 noon (UTC+1h) till 27.11. midnight !

First batch of RaceGear Lightning pedals sold out

Sold out the first batch of RaceGear Lightning pedals, second batch will be ready on 1.11.2021. From 1.11. we will also cancel our initial 50e discount, so to save 50e order pedals before that date.

RaceGear Lightning pedals at the introductory price

For a limited time, you can buy RaceGear Lightning pedals at a discounted price and save 50 EUR.

Our sim racing team RaceGear

We are not only pedal manufacturers, but we are actively participating in top world races in Sim Racing.

Product added to wishlist

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